Welcome back to Term 4. This term is a 9 week term and there is a lot packed into it. With this in mind we have decided to trim down a little bit and have cancelled a couple of events. We will no longer be holding the Orange Evening or the Book Quiz. Book character day will still be going ahead.

Book Character Day

Page and Blackmore will be returning to the village with their pop-up book store on Thursday 4 November. We will take the kids down in their costumes to browse the books and let us know of any favourites. Books purchased on the day will be 10% off and any books purchased by the school (eg: books ordered for Field Day Gift) will be 20% off. If you would like to pre-browse Page & Blackmore we will be sending their catalogue home with your children today and you can also browse on their website.

If you cannot find a book you’d like from Page and Blackmore for your child’s field day gift then we ask if you can please either supply a book or choose one from the Scholastic Lucky Book Club catalogue (available online and will be sent home when they arrive) and let Dominique know so she can get it ordered in time.

Remember the BGAC contributes $15 towards a book for each child and anything above this will be on-invoiced to you.

Copies of Performance

Copies of the Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies Performance are now available. They can either be viewed and downloaded from the internet or if you supply a USB drive it can be transferred onto it. Either option will cost $25.