Well we are just over half way through the term and with six skiing lessons under our belts we are seeing the children getting quite tired. We have also had a few away sick and thank you for keeping them at home to help stop the spread of any viruses. 

In week 8 we have learning conferences on the 12th of September. 

Students will show you around a range of activities linking to their learning and discuss with you their goals and learning in these areas. 

The sessions will begin at 2:30 and will be in groups of 5. Please email in to book a slot with the teacher. [email protected]  [email protected] 

Session times (15 minutes) are; 2:30, 2:45, 3:00 and 3:15. We will try to accommodate you with times as best we can but first in first served may apply to certain time slots.

On the 13th of Sept we are going to Wairau Cross County. Thank you for the prompt return of permission slips as this has allowed us to organise transport. Attached is the transport list and information about the day. If for some reason this changes before or on the day please let Dominique know by email [email protected]nz. 

Next Thursday for skiing we have arranged with the skifield for our children’s lessons to be at 1pm which was the only option to ensure they are not combined with another school. We have arranged for the shuttle to cater for this time difference. Please ensure that your child still checks in with the teacher when they arrive at the skilled for the roll check and passes.

WV Cross country transport