Wow not long to go now until camp.

We had a fantastic response to our request for parent help for camp. As you are aware we are only  allocated 8 adults places including teachers, and board  policy requires that children 6 and under require a parent or nominated adult to be present during the camp.

Parents attending will be

Lesley McIntosh

Paul Dulieu

Adrian Briggs

Frith Dollimore

Bhawana Joshi

Staff will be

Mike Allen

Alison Hart

Miriam Gebhard

Can Parent helpers please fill in a Volunteer Assistant Agreement form and return it to Alison ASAP.

Again thanks to all of those who offered and we regret that we can’t take everybody.

Children and teachers will be travelling by school bus to the camp.

Parent helpers will travel in their own vehicles and help to transport luggage.

Children need to be at school by 9am on Monday  12th April with all of their gear.

We will be leaving camp at 1:30 so should be back at school around 2:30.

Today children will be bringing home the gear list for camp.

Please no children’s phones on camp, if they need to contact home this will be done through the staff.