Monday 26th March 2019

Kia ora koutou Parents and Whanau

Our whole school camp to Mistletoe Bay is fast approaching. We will head off to Mistletoe Bay on Tuesday April 2nd and will return on Friday 5th April.

All relevant information and required consent forms will be sent out on Monday. We would very much appreciate your prompt response in returning these.

This coming week both the Tui and Piwakawaka classes will complete camp expectations forms and create and share class risk analysis of camp activities.

Parent Help at camp

Thank you to the following parents will be on camp to support the teachers and all tamariki. Janine & Alan Basajal, Megan Jordan, Erina Merrilees, Anne-Marie Bauer, Anna King and Dominique McCrostie.

Parent Transport

Please complete the form below and return to us regarding offers of parent transport.  We will require parents who can transport tamariki to Picton on Tuesday morning and again on the return trip on Friday.  We will be catching the Water taxi from Picton to Mistletoe Bay and again for our return on Friday. Some camp parents will drive to Mistletoe Bay, other vehicles will remain at Picton for the duration of the camp.

Bus Run Tuesday

We will advise if there is to be a bus run on the Tuesday morning once we have collated parent transport forms and departure times. We will ask you however to please collect your child/children on Friday from school after we return from camp.  We will message families with our approximate ETA.

Yummy Home Baking

Can each child please provide a small container of home baking to see us through the morning and afternoon teas.  If you are unable to create or bake for us, please supply some crackers, thank you.

Please find an outline of camp activities below, skills to be developed, a gear list and medical information.  


Tuesday (arrive at Mistletoe Bay mid afternoon)

  • Leave school in the morning for Picton – bus and car
  • Voyage of Discovery trip – Steadfast – Richard de Hamel (pick up at Picton)
  • Arrive at Mistletoe Bay mid/late afternoon – settle in to camp
  • Fish, Fins and fun programme – Richard de Hamel (Mistletoe Bay)
  • Team building activities & cooperative skills
  • Year 8’s plus 1 teacher sleep over on the Steadfast

Wednesday  (Day at Mistletoe Bay)

  • Exploring camp and surrounding walks
  • Sea Kayaking and Team building activities & cooperative skills
  • Optimist sailing
  • Swimming
  • Camp games

Thursday (Day at Lochmara)

  • Hike to Lochmara and return by boat (Tuis). Boat ride there & back (Piwakawaka)
  • Underwater Observatory (Focus on Stingrays and Starfish)
  • Walk to visit Kakariki, eels and Kunekune pigs
  • Return to Mistletoe Bay
  • Swimming/Jetty jump off
  • Burma trail /Bush walks
  • Glow worm visit
  • Camp games


  • Pack and clean up camp. Lunch & farewell
  • Water taxi from Mistletoe Bay to Picton
  • Return drive from Picton to Lake Rotoiti School – bus and car (ETA to be advised)

Skills to be developed

  • Team building skill/co-operation (Term One focus – Whanaungatanga/Kotahitanga  – relationships through shared experiences and unity, working and developing together)
  • Utilise natural environments to enhance their learning- sustainability
  • All activities are a combination of physical and mental challenges as well as encouragement to participate actively and work as a team
  • Tamariki will deepen their understanding of themselves and of the world around them
  • Health and Safety skills in a variety of settings

Gear List-

Please make sure your child has everything on this list, and that each item is clearly named. Please pack everything into one bag as this makes it easier to load and unload, especially where the water taxi are concerned. Your child will be responsible for their own bag and contents.  Please no large suitcases.

N.B. if you have difficulty obtaining any of the items, please do not feel that you have to go and purchase new items. Please have your child try and borrow from a classmate or from friends and family.

Essential clothing-  Labelling all items is really helpful.

What to bring:  A positive, can do it attitude!!!!

    • Windbreaker/waterproof jacket
    • Good pair of walking shoes and/or sneakers (2 pairs, as one will get wet!)
    • 2 pairs of long pants, eg. Tracksuit pants or tramping/zip off style –NOT jeans
    • 2 warm jerseys or polar fleeces (or equivalent)
    • 2 long sleeved tops (skivvy or thermal style)
    • 1 x merino or poly prop
    • 4 t-shirts
    • 2-3 pairs of shorts
    • 5 pairs of socks (one comfortable pair for walking)
    • Underwear (enough for the week!)
    • Togs  (rash top too please if you have one)
    • Beach towel


  • Sun Hat (Potae)– wide brim, no caps


  • Tracksuit pants for relaxing in –  in the evening
  • Jandals or indoor shoes
  • Pyjamas
  • Tee Towel
  • Optional – wetsuit


  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Pillow case
  • Fitted sheet
  • Teddy as a friend and a book


  • Bath towel
  • Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun screen
  • Lip balm
  • Comb and brush
  • Medication – labelled clearly


  • Water bottle
  • Torch (optional)
  • Plastic bag for laundry
  • Baking for the week (half an icecream container is plenty)  – or a packet of crackers.


  • Reading book, pencil case etc.
  • Camera (your child needs to be responsible for this)
  • Cards
  • Other small games

First day pack

Day pack

Packed lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea.

Plastic drink bottle – filled with water



What not to bring:

  • Smart phones, devices, ipad/ipod, electronic games etc.
  • Flavoured drinks or carbonated drinks
  • Money
  • Chewing gum, chocolate, sweets and lollies

(will be confiscated and eaten by teachers and parent helpers if found ☺ )

Medical requirements

If your child requires any medicine to be administered while on camp please ensure it is enclosed in a named zip-lock bag. Clearly outline the dosage and times it needs to be given. An adult will be responsible for administering all medication while on camp. All basic first aid requirements (including Panadol and antihistamines)  will be available on camp (please note on Health Profile if you are happy for your child to receive Panadol/antihistamines if need be).

Your child may have some form of medication that they usually take themselves at home, such as an inhaler or cream. They may carry and keep these types of medication in their own bag.


Thanks Sue, Dan and Liz



One consent form per child only please.  


I give consent for my child (Name) _______________  to attend Mistletoe Bay camp.


Parent name:______________________________Cell Number___________________


Please cross out available or not available


I am available/not available to provide transport:  (Please cross out one)

To Picton on Tuesday 2nd April.  I have seatbelts for ________ tamariki and have completed a transport form.


I am available/not available to provide transport:  (Please cross out one)

From Picton 5th April.  I have seatbelts for ________ tamariki and have completed a transport form.