As of Monday Janine will no longer be driving the Kikawa Bus Route, thank you Janine for your time as our driver, the kids will certainly miss your random conversation topics and the decorations at Christmas. We welcome Deb Allen, Paul Hart and John Wratt as our new drivers for this route.

As our new drivers will have different days on and off we have installed a phone in each bus that will remain with the bus. These phones are text and facebook messenger compatible and we ask that if your child is not going to be on the bus you text/message the relevant bus phone rather than the drivers personally. Attached is an information sheet containing the contact details for the bus as well as the pick up / drop off times. This sheet will also go home with the bus children today.

I will also be sending a FB message to families on both runs to ensure you have the right contact details.

Bus phone details are:

Kikawa: 027 250 1863; Facebook ID: Kikawa Rotoiti

Wairau: 027 373 6263; Facebook ID: Wairau Rotoiti

Please remember that if your child is not going to be at school you need to phone the school as well as text/message the bus.



Bus Information for parents